Inspiring first Codeception API test

How inspiring indeed can testing Web services be…

I started this journey to begin with, Codeception php testing framework. First of all I would conclude before I go on to share my experience that this is one of the best testing framework around now – you can talk about the simplicity and versatility it ensures, and easy integration with other PHP frameworks (Laravel e.t.c) and using different web drivers (Selenium etc) almost seamlessly.

My own tale of this adventure started when I had to use it on PHP 5.3.3. Yes, it was succesfully installed using:


Of course strangely it got installed and it was time to try out some example at first from Codeception Web Services testing docs. If the whole system was configured properly and the installation goes as expected then simply writing:


Expectantly, there was no error response, after a further trial to no good signal to tell whether it works or not, I got to know that the installed version of Codeception was higher version and so the 1.8.7 version was later installed, and now this seems to look good, however this is where the adventure starts. Continue reading “Inspiring first Codeception API test”


Inspired by doubt, trailing Vormsi’s hack!

No one actually could explain it better than I could.

After enduring a long week of decision trouble and toggle to go for the (Garage48’s e-Residency) hackathon or not; At the night of Thursday, I finalized the decision. Assignments were quite huge, and tiredness grew to the face, but the most dreaded challenger of my decision to go was fear, although I had a bible study, a birthday, and a church service to attend before Monday morning. Fear of WHAT ON EARTH DO I KNOW? But at last I summoned courage Continue reading “Inspired by doubt, trailing Vormsi’s hack!”