Inspired by doubt, trailing Vormsi’s hack!

No one actually could explain it better than I could.

After enduring a long week of decision trouble and toggle to go for the (Garage48’s e-Residency) hackathon or not; At the night of Thursday, I finalized the decision. Assignments were quite huge, and tiredness grew to the face, but the most dreaded challenger of my decision to go was fear, although I had a bible study, a birthday, and a church service to attend before Monday morning. Fear of WHAT ON EARTH DO I KNOW? But at last I summoned courage Continue reading “Inspired by doubt, trailing Vormsi’s hack!”


By Inspiration, to Reality.


This is Omisakin Oluwatobi Samuel. I will be making the blog a channel for conveying my ideas and experience in my career and chosen field (of Software developing). I will try to make post on various topics as much as I have laid hands on or I am anticipating.

I will check from different software development and programming language. Projects developments, and some key specific area as I have gone through starting from my personal research to my academics.

I will also as well tell about my experiences in different environments and some discovery I have, and would still make.

I will also be unveiling some thoughts about key aspects of life generally. The lesson learnt, and most especially my reflections about them.

I hope someone would find my work reasonable and useful for them one way or the other. And most importantly, a more experienced reader would find it exciting and to leave their replies to help me get a good grip in my career path as others as well gain from it.

“Despite not the days of humble beginnings…”

This is Tobisoft blog. #tobisoft #omisakinoluwatobisamuel