No one actually could explain it better than I could.

After enduring a long week of decision trouble and toggle to go for the (Garage48’s e-Residency) hackathon or not; At the night of Thursday, I finalized the decision. Assignments were quite huge, and tiredness grew to the face, but the most dreaded challenger of my decision to go was fear, although I had a bible study, a birthday, and a church service to attend before Monday morning. Fear of WHAT ON EARTH DO I KNOW? But at last I summoned courage and was ready to break out of that shell  – I resolved: Whatever would happen should happen! I can’t remain like this –timid and mediocre.

So the early morning of Friday came as expected, had only two hours of sleep because of preparation as I dashed out after calling Meya – My coursemate from Nigeria. I waited a few minutes for him as it took us some minutes of deliberations on our way about being left behind by the bus that should take us from Tartu. We were early to locate the bus, waited for some few minutes and we set for the journey to Vormsi Island.

Amazing sights on the way I saw and took some nice pictures, some selfies, and just played with my internet. 2015-09-11 06.06.07

Not long the coordinator said we were going to take a ferry. It never occurred to met that we need a ferry to take us there especially because the Lagos Island (in Nigeria) only needs a vehicle to get there through the roads from the mainland, not until I followed up with my Google Earth app.

So we embarked, and got to the ferry station. I thought we were late for the ferry, but, alas we are about one hour earlier. So many of us had to get down and occupy their time with whatever was in their mid. Meya, Vostan, Anton, and Etibar were the first set to come out as I waited in the bus because of the cold. Later I joined them, had a walk around, played some games, made a song and it was time, the ferry came.

It was my first time on a ship. I took some pictures and got on board.

2015-09-28 21.58.25
On the ferry…as we go.       Photo credit – Mubashar Iqbal Bajwal


Meya being the man to excite us made a recording and uploaded to facebook with tags on all of us – it was a great fun. We got just within some 30 minutes to the island. It was nothing short of my expectation if I had one – It was old but yet fresh.

We got to the Island….        Photo credit – Mubashar Iqbal Bajwal

We joined our bus on the island and made our way to the main building. After the announcement and directions, we registered. We got out luggages into the bus, dashed to the restaurant to catch our lunch – the first meal on the island. It was rice, and some vegetables which looked very strange to me. I ate it and my eyes were enlightened; it was very delicious. If there was anything I could miss more, then it is the wonderful meals I had throughout my stay except for one weird liquid food I couldn’t eat much of it.

The opening ceremony began in the hall which is located at some few minutes walk from the school building where we were meant to sleep. Pitching was the major event of the day. So after all thanks and announcement. The pitchers were coming out.

The pitchers were pitching with some tensions, passions, and hopefulness. It looked like the main event though but I was having another set of feelings different probably from everyone’s: I was getting tensed at WHAT DO I HAVE TO OFFER TO ALL THESE IDEAS at this hackathons? I started trying to fight this strange feelings. I was bordered about “Can I really help some guys win?” “I could be the only front end developer in a team at last, what if I don’t know how to implement many things since it looks like big projects? They would want to rely on me at the front end………… Tension grew but was still hoping for the best.

I started trying to fight this strange feelings…. Credit – Garage48

I therefore in the middle of these conflicting thoughts, remembered that I could have sent my idea to Garage48 also. I thought if there is ever a possibility of presenting my idea for pitching, because it was one of the reason I know Estonia would help me realize the many visions I had, “Perhaps this is one of the golden opportunities I have”,I resolved, although it seemed quite late as it looks.

Pitch went on and on, at last there was an opportunity for those who didn’t send their slides for pitching before the deadline. I resounded with joy as I prepared my slides and later went to pitch without the slides I had prepared. I was given a slot to work on my idea. A cardboard where all the expected member parts of the team to be must place their sticky papers on their choice of idea where they wished to work on.

It was time to form a team. Staying and advertising my idea as good as I can but NO SINGLE person came to join me to form a team. I was alone all along, not even my course mate had interest. Well, the cardboard with no or limited team parts were slashed out and left out of about 29 ideas were just 7 ideas.12094841_10205614096977116_3685135367685081013_o

I later joined a team MyLegacy which was only waiting for a front-end developer to their team else they get scrapped out. After some moments of thoughts on which team to join I was persuaded and also finally resolved to join them.


MyLegacy Idea owner managed to get his idea out of the red zone. We consisted of 5, 2 Pakistani designer and developer, an Estonian-greek marketer, and an Estonian Project manager, and me – the front-end developer After this we set out to discuss and commence all works within 48 hours to come out with something great.

Hey this is not all….We had a 48-hour rigorous but fun-filled hack…but I would love to make it in my next post Maiden Train, Vormsi Hack Trail.

Natalja pitching for my legacy, stories had unfolded…. – Photo Credit, Garage48

Note: I lost my timidity after the hackathon, ya eh! I am a developer….try me out…lets code! 

>>>>>Next: Maiden Train, Vormsi Hack Trail.

This is #tobisoft #omisakinoluwatobisamuel


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