Independent Estonia, Inspiring Estonia.

happy independence day

It was such a day to really witness, Estonia’s national day. I decided though to dedicate this blog and the entire post to my professional career path, although I must come up with exciting series about my steps and paths to my great vision.

It may be somehow funny I came up with this post way far from the Independence day but right even before that: 24th February, 2016, the day the Estonians calls Eesti Vabariigi aastapäev (Wikipedia), my mind had been like an empty bottle unstable on the water – panting after the day I would paint this blog with my writing about a cap of How Estonia had been to me.

From the Estonia’s Embassy In India to Tallinna lennujaam (Tallinn Airport), I had already started feeling the peaceful warmth of this country. I knew I was coming to the right place. Although I wouldn’t speak much about the A to Z of my trip to Estonia now, because I will soon make a post about that soon ( on By Road To Tartu). But its amazing that even though I could have enough in my chest about my experience so far, there were definitely two of those which were an Icing on the cake, just close to This great  Aastapäev.

I am a poor student of history, I only know Estonia was settled as a country from just some few centuries back, small in population, but close to Russia. But this day, is the day I was very much filled with Excitement and I couldn’t help but fell in love with Estonia.

As soon as I got there I was immediately handed my key tied with my distance card. Lumepark features a wonderful scene for recreation, taking advantage of the winter such a smart place to go sledging. We all (with my friends) only wanted to have fun as we ventured on that great day (a week before this day). Yeah we paid no dime, and had the fun to its full. But after the fun, for me, it was no longer funny because I had lost my room’s key and card.

I thought to call them, so my friend helped out. Hoping to get it back, yeah, in a nut shell I got a response to come and pick it the next tuesday – the eve of the independent day. Even though it was a long journey to Lumepark from Raatuse, yet it was one unforgettable experience I had.

Stepping through piled up snow pack, I made my way up straight to the small twin office. Soon, closely I had seen one of the officials who made no comment but went straight inside (as though he had anticipated my coming). In deed he was, in fact, they were expecting me as he handed the key over to me with a big smile: such as though I had never expected from a stranger, while he with his partner told me to be careful next time, as they waved a bye. Indeed, my joy was not containable.

It was indeed a special day for me. My confidence rose up more and my mind freed more from stereotype of racism and hostility I had been nurturing.  It wouldn’t have sparked much concern as this if this thread had not began with all the Effort Kaija Murasov (the International Student Coordinator of the University of Tartu) contributed to my coming here. I wouldn’t be more inspired than these, I wouldn’t possibly have thought about writing if facebook had not reminded me with that banner that Its Estonia’s day. 

I hope to put my best to the progress of Estonia while I am a temporary citizen…….
Happy Independence Day Estonia!

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